Gastronomic training experiences next to Barcelona. Practical experiential workshops to break the usual routine.

Cooking Together

Are you looking for a fun activity to reward your workers with, so that they spend a fun day enjoying the kitchen and contributing to a healthier diet? Then Cooking Together is your best option!

More than a “Team Building". We surprise your workers by breaking schemes and topics. New habits in the kitchen favor new habits in the workplace.

Cooking a Team

Food Coaching

Team coaching in the kitchen! Working under pressure, increasing confidence and the ability to innovate, strategising to overcome obstacles and fears. A unique experience to accomplish a team mission.

Training workshop for teams where, based on an improvement in the eating habits of a company's workers, we generate an improvement in their work performance.

Be Healthy
Be Efficient

What do we work with the workshops?

· Increase communication between workers from different departments and/or professional ranks, enhancing their relationships

· Stimulate personal and team creativity

· Develop conflict resolution skills

· Empower and/or detect leadership

· Carry out a personnel selection process (both hiring and internal promotions)


But it is not only intended for companies that have a specific training objective. It is also for those who are simply looking for a fun activity so that their workers can spend a different and enjoyable day together. Here they can interact in a completely different way than their usual day-to-day lives.


Everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, has cooked at home, so it is not a completely new and unknown world for anyone. And it is for this reason that when cooking in a group, our most innate behaviors appear spontaneously – just as they appear in our daily work environment.


When time constraints and/or ingredients are applied, there is a strong parallel with working under pressure. At this point, we see the emergence of aspects such as trusting in others, having the ability to innovate to overcome an obstacle, overcoming fears and barriers and building a team. Each aspect has a mission and a contribution.


Through our dynamics in the kitchen, we bring these matters to the surface so that the team members can become aware of them. In this way, they are able to reflect on them, polish them and learn from them.


As such, one of the main objectives is to improve the way in which the team members relate to each other. This is done by promoting trust and communication between one another.

Business lunches and dinners

Healthy, elegant, tailor-made buffet made to measure with farm-raised, seasonal, local, artisan and organic products, largely from our garden.

Additional services

We have a meeting room with a projector and sound equipment and the option of staying for more than one day with full board in our 8 rooms.

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