We are located in the middle of el Montseny’s National park

El Montseny, the only National Park in Catalonia catalogued as a Biosphere Reserve and certified by the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, offers an unequal space to perform outdoor activities in a mosaic of Mediterranean and centre-European landscapes, located just besides the great metropolitan conurbations.

Its extraordinary biodiversity and the cultural footprint that man has left there during history give it a universal value that has inspired artists, intellectuals and scientists, and that awakens emotion in every visiting person.

You can find different routes on the following website: http://www.diba.cat/parcs/itineraris/montseny/

El Folló Restaurant i Casa Rural MontsenyEl Folló Restaurant i Casa Rural MontsenyBoda Masia Barcelona Montseny El Folló 24

In addition, El Folló is the finishing line of the 1st stage of the “Rutadels 3 monts” (3-mounts route):

A low-mountain itinerary that goes between the national parks of el Montseny, Sant Llorenç del Munt il’Obac and Montserrat, and that allows the hiking-lovers to get deep into unknown corners and reach emblematic points of the pre-coastal Catalonia. Beginning from the National Park of el Montseny, the hiker will get deep into the abrupt and savage National Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt il’Obac, a surrounding full of myths and legends, to end up at the Montserrat mountain, emblem of the Catalan culture and spirituality.

More info: www.els3monts.cat

Natural Local: rutes en BTT i senderisme

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