Team Coaching is a learning process in which a team or organisation questions its own accomplishment limits with the objective to overcome them. It goes further beyond an activity of team-building and group cohesion; it is about developing the collective productivity of the team in order to completely surpass the sum of the individual potentials of each one of the members.

Usually, the team has interpretations that obstruct their work, their competitiveness, the accomplishment of the desired results, the effective bond between the team members, the organizational atmosphere, etc. The coach accompanies the team members during the process of challenging themselves, of questioning their own interpretations to get over these obstacles and get the team do anything it couldn’t do before.

Currently, the knowledge and technical ability are not enough to get a business succeed. It is necessary to develop the emotional, relational and creative abilities of the working team members.

Team-coaching: why and for whom?

This service can be useful and attractive to companies that include in their organization one or some of the following structures:

– Newly-created groups: to check who is a good leader, who is good at working in groups, who accepts their opinion not being shared by the rest, who arguments their point of view accepting it is not the absolute truth, etc. In short, to get to know the new team members.

– Existent groups that do not reach their targets and there is a will to detect what is not working or to to discover who in the group deserves a promotion in the company.

– Existent groups when there is a will to optimise their personal interrelation (solve conflicts, motivate, improve leadership…)

– If there is a new management and the director wants to get to know better their worker’s team.

– Mergers or restructuration of teams.

The aim of the team-coaching sessions will be to develop strategies to resolve contradictions, tensions or conflicts inside the team and to boost communication, trust, integration and alignment of efforts.

It is about “provoking” a space and time to think that is not usually created during the daily labour routine

Coaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuina

Why Food Coaching?

When cooking in groups our most innate behaviours appear spontaneously, as they do in our daily working environment.

There is a strong parallelism with the fact of working under pressure, moment in which some aspects appear, like trust in others, the capacity to innovate to overcome an obstacle, to get over fears and barriers and to build a team in which everyone has a mission and something to contribute

We make the teams flourish like this so as to let the team members become aware of the situation and be able to think about the matter and improve afterwards, using the team-coaching techniques.

To sum up, what we pretend is to improve the way in which the members of the team relate with each other by boosting trust and communication.

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