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Did you know that an improvement in the eating habits of your workers would result into an increase of their working productivity?

This direct impact can be explained by two reasons:
· Workers have much more energy, as eating balanced:
– Allows you to rest better
– Helps to have a smoother digestion, which means that the body needs to dedicate it less energy and efforts
– Provides the body with all the nutrients necessary in a natural way
· Work leaves are reduced:
– Illnesses are minimised: migraines, fatigue, colds, muscle pains…
– Lower risk of suffering nephritic colics, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses

El Folló has been a culinary school, restaurant and agro tourism guesthouse for more than 30 years, located just in the middle of a privileged surrounding as el Montseny National Park. We have designed a training programme for teams, where we not only address healthy nutrition and diet but also teach how to cook healthy recipes without renouncing to the pleasure of eating. We teach which products to use and at what time of the day it is better to eat them, making participants of “Be Healthy=Be Efficient” not only learn how to feed properly but become aware of the importance of doing it and the need to start applying what is learned

Health depends on one’s self and needs to be earned; and that is what we make them realize

· Culinary workshop of healthy eating, accessible and made to enjoy:

Workshop conducted by Mercè Brunés, chef of El Folló’s restaurant, where we will learn how to cook our own healthy bread at home, creative salads with their sauces, we will vindicate the importance of legumes, teach techniques for cooking meat or fish in a healthy way or how to accompany them. We will also learn how to optimise time at the kitchen. There will no longer be useful the excuse of “I don’t eat healthy because I have no time to cook properly”.
Do you have lunch at work? No problem, all the recipes can be take-away.


• Haute-couture healthy buffet:

To finish up the day you can enjoy an extensive healthy buffet, the best example of the fact that eating well is not at odds with healthy eating.

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