Team-training in the kitchen

Go out of your working office, break out of the routine and let yourselves be surrounded by the peace and creativity that can be breathed at el Montseny but without spending all the morning to get to the farmhouse, as we are only 35 minutes away from Barcelona!

Coaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuinaCoaching d'equips a la cuina

• Team Cooking lessons:

Our Team Cooking culinary workshops are something more than an activity of Team Building, we surprise your workers and break all their moulds, catching immediately their attention and opening their minds to new changes.

At El Folló we believe that by acquiring new cooking habits it becomes easier to acquire new working habits.

We can adapt the culinary workshops to the type of training you desire and also adapt it to a recruitment process.

• Food Coaching [Team Coaching while cooking] (+ info):

When we are cooking in groups our most innate behaviours appear spontaneously, as they do at our daily working environment.

There is a strong parallelism with the fact of working under pressure, moment in which some aspects appear; like trust in others; the capacity to innovate so as to overcome an obstacle, fears or barriers; and to need to build a team in which everyone has a mission and something to contribute.

We make the teams flourish like this to let the team members become aware of the situation and be able to think about the matter afterwards in order to improve, using the team-coaching techniques.

What we pretend to improve is the way in which the members of the team relate to each other by boosting trust and communication.

• Be Healthy = Be Efficient: Eating well to work better (+ info):

Training workshop for teams where, by improving the eating habits of workers from a company, we generate an increase of their productivity

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• Business lunches and dinners:

Haute couture healthy buffet, custom-made with seasonal, of proximity, home-made and ecologic ingredients, mainly grown in our garden.

• Boardrooms:

We have several boardrooms/projection rooms at your disposal for product presentations, marketing plans…

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