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Our passion for bread leads us to organize the annual Festa del Pa

A whole day full of activities around bread, with some of the best bakers of our country, artists, bread-lovers and our students, who transform this day into the El Folló’s “Festa Major”

Another year… It is already here: LA FESTA DEL PA! A celebration that this 2nd of July will live its 8th Edition. Eight years have passed from that somewhat-crazy idea of organizing a day dedicated to one of the basic elements of our diet: BREAD.

Once again, our home, El Folló, opens its doors to all the bread-lovers of the world that wish to learn more about this necessary element of our diet. We have named this edition “The breads of the world” and it is dedicated to cereal and its origin places: rice from Asia, proso millet from Africa, corn from America, rye from Europe and wheat as the king of the cereals that are most commonly used. All these products will be the base and the leitmotiv of our presentations to bring you recipes thought for pairing different foods.

This edition’s poster pays tribute to the different origins of the cereals and to children, which are indispensable in our meetings, as they are undoubtedly the ones who most enjoy this party… Even if we make them work! This year they will surprise us making snail and goose-alike bread figures that will certainly be perfect to have an afternoon snack. We cannot forget the bread competition, where the stars are the friends that every year participate by making the best home-made bread. And all this accompanied by a meal-tasting borne by the El Folló’s cooking-team. A lunch to dip bread in it!

And as we are party-lovers, we love to have patrons from the entertainment world. For this reason, it will be an honour to welcome as patrons the actor Jordi Díaz and the actress Marina Gatell, who will give way to the musical show that every year amuses us and cheers up the day.

Well, now you know… Come in, enjoy, drink and, most of all, eat bread!
Welcome to El Folló, welcome to our home… which is already yours.

Avís Legal

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